21 September 2015

About us


Experts in data excellence

Anchormen believes that companies can respond at the right time and in the right way. Because we think innovatively about generating insight, we are certain that we can deliver on this belief with our solutions.

Digitalisation is rapidly changing the world.  Besides looking at the past, companies need to know what is happening now and anticipate what is going to happen. Data volumes, data variety and the speed of data are only increasing and it is our mission to ensure that organisations have as much relevant and valuable information as possible.

This is who we are

The Anchormen team consists of architects, consultants, engineers and data scientists. All our people have experience with (big) data platforms and current components. They understand all computer languages and the platforms associated with them. Anchormen is a VX Company innovation brand.

VX Company is a integrated IT service provider specialised in application development and application integration, BI and big data consultancy, forensic analytics and managed services. The collaboration with VX Company has enabled Anchormen to enhance its service offering with the services of VX Company in the areas of forensic analytics, big data infrastructure and business intelligence, application development and management.

This is what we do

As experts in data excellence we deliver services in the fields of big data, data science, artificial intelligence, data architecture, engineering, training and support. We devise and implement unique data-driven scenarios that enable companies to perform faster and more effectively. Specifically, we ensure that data is accessible so that it can be combined with other data. We then extract any usable information so that appropriate decisions can be made.
We provide resources for projects under the direction of the customer, and we take on projects under our own direction, in both cases either on or off-site. We can also provide interim architects, engineers or data scientists. We are always interested in fostering lasting relationships with our customers. We therefore also like to take responsibility for a platform, application or solution from a management perspective. We enjoy being the point of contact for end users and like to help with the control with ISP, the cloud or administrative parties.

Grow LiveGROWLIVE-ICON-512-512-tekst

We work using our Grow Live approach. This means that we always start small with a project. We use workshops and Proof of Concepts to show the impact of our solutions. Only then do we start with development. The development is divided into short sprints where we deliver components every two weeks. This enables us to immediately and regularly add value, and we can repeatedly adjust the plans to ensure that our work activities always meet the customer’s demands.

Want to get to know Anchormen? The coffee is always ready! We would love to tell you more about the data excellence opportunities.