12 November 2015

Big Data platform

Traditional enterprise data warehouses (EDW) certainly offer added value, but they also have limitations. A landscape of disconnected applications provides restricted control. A data-driven organisation demands more than an EDW can offer. More control is also needed than what several linked applications can deliver. A hybrid approach is therefore needed. An organisation becomes data-driven when a traditional EDW and (big) data or streaming data complement each other and work together.

A data platform can be a basic supplement to an EDW by simply offloading certain heavy tasks, but also by being an integral part of the data landscape by for example using real-time data to produce process recommendations.

BI, analytics and data visualisation

Traditional business intelligence (BI) is built on certainties. Data structure certainties and certainties of reliability. Often, insight into data around these certainties is not enough. At that point it is good to connect big data technology within the existing BI environment. Data is then no longer a static certainty, but rather a flexible and driving force. This reduced certainty about structure and meaning, however also requires a different way of visualisation. BI then becomes supplemented with analytics and BI specialists transform into Data Scientists.

Platform solution

Anchormen works for many customers with a lot of technical platforms. For these customers we are enlisted as consultants, architects or engineers. This depends on the needs of our customers. We are specialists in Spark, Hadoop, MapR, HortonWorks, ElasticSearch, SoIR, Hbase, Mapr-DB, Play, Storm and Kafka. But it doesn’t end there. For customer focused R&D and validation we also like to tackle new and innovative platforms.

Grow Live approach


At Anchormen we like to build a relationship of trust with our customers, so we always start our projects small. Using our Grow Live approach we grow along with the process of our customers. Anchormen provides a variety of services such as business innovation consultancy, data science, data architecture, engineering and training and support. We like to work as a team within our customer’s organisation. This enables us to not only adapt quickly, but we also get fast results.

By using workshops and a proof of concept we provide insight into the possibilities of our solutions. Only then do we start the development, and because we host data in the cloud the development initially almost never requires a big investment in hardware and software. We also plan bi-weekly, where we repeatedly deliver parts of the project. This enables us to avoid having one big delivery period at the end of the process. These smaller delivery periods enable plans to be adjusted and we can therefore lower risks.

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