23 September 2015


Big Data leads to new insights and knowledge, which organisations can use to improve the assistance they provide to their customers or to enable them to work more efficiently. Anchormen stays abreast of Big Data developments. We help large organisations with Big Data and Data Science challenges by providing knowledge and scalable solutions so that they have more insight into their customers and business.

Interested in tackling these challenges with us? Do you like taking on complex issues, and do you enjoy doing R&D for innovative technology? Anchormen is ambitious and has a growth plan. We are looking for new people. Contact us if you feel you’re a good fit for one of our job vacancies:

Big Data Engineering Data Science & A.I. High Potential Program Backoffice
Big Data Engineer A.I. specialist Trainee Data Science and/or Big Data
(Groningen and Amsterdam)
Financieel Administrateur / Boekhouder (Groningen – 32/40 uur)
Business Intelligence Consultant Business Intelligence Consultant
DevOps engineer Intern Data Science, A.I., and Robotics
Functional Lead Junior Data Scientist
Intern Big Data Engineering Mid-level Data Scientist
Java developer Senior Data Scientist
Scala developer
Service engineer
Tech Lead

Get in touch!

If you are interested in one of our job openings, please get in touch and send your resume to: careers@anchormen.nl. We will contact you as soon as possible. In regards to our telephone conversation, we will invite you for a face-to-face interview. Do you have any other questions, please contact Eva van Voorbergen: 06-36 17 68 47.