3 June 2016


Whitepaper Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Creating value with Machine Learning and AI

We live in a time where everything is constantly changing. In order to adapt to these changes we are being supported more and more by computer algorithms. Without realising it, we are constantly benefiting from smart solutions that make our lives easier and orderly.

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Whitepaper Big Data platform hosting solutions

An overview of the various ways to host a Hadoop platform

Regardless of which project we do, the question ‘where do we host our big data platform?’ always provokes the most discussion. This whitepaper (only available in English) describes and compares the most common options: on-premises, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Hadoop as a Service (HaaS).

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Whitepaper Process Mining

The best source of process improvements

Which business doesn’t want to improve performance? Increased sales, more profit, more satisfied customers – and all within the framework of the law. These are all objectives that virtually all businesses and other organisations are passionate about. To achieve these objectives, companies have been striving more and more in recent years to improve their business processes.

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Whitepaper Predictive Maintenance

Maintaining is better than repairing

The amount of data has increased enormously over the last years. Increasingly, a variety of data is arising from the use and maintenance of machines. Structural analysis of this data can help in predicting when a machine  or system  will malfunction. This enables smart maintenance planning which can often be done prior to the device breaking down. From corrective maintenance to condition based maintenance and ultimately predictive maintenance, in other words: better, less and more timely maintenance.

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Reference case Strukton

Great reduction of point failures possible

The maintenance engineers of Strukton Rail and the big data analysts of Anchormen have together faced the challenge of developing a prognosis tool that can predict future malfunctions of railways. With this tool, predictive maintenance is possible and the number of technical malfunctions can be halved.

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Whitepaper Recommendation Engines

Highly recommended!

Amazon has been working with them on a daily basis for years:  “Customers who bought this, also bought….”. Facebook and LinkedIn operate on the basis of perhaps knowing such and such a person. Netflix recommends films and series, even if you think you have already seen them. Closer to home Bol.com and Coolblue try to tempt you into buying products when you browse their web shops. It is Recommendation Engines that makes all of this possible.

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