23 September 2015

Our approach


Grow Live

Large IT providers often deliver ICT projects in one go. After a long development process, companies finally get to see results, but it is often the long wait between approval and delivery of the project that causes problems. In the meantime the market can change again, and the needs of the company with it. In addition mistakes can be made, which only come to light after delivery and are therefore difficult to remedy.

Anchormen does everything possible to reduce these kinds of risks. This is why we work according to our own Grow Live principle, a Lean working method. Flexibility and short activity periods with periodic feedback enables priorities to be continually adjusted and new insights to be incorporated. Because we keep our customers involved in our data excellence projects, we grow with the process of our customers. To do this, we have to start small. By using workshops and a Proof of Concept we are able to first demonstrate what Anchormen has to offer.

Development only starts after a detailed plan has been made. Companies are free to choose whether or not to store data in the cloud. There are many advantages to storing data in the cloud. First it provides a quick overview of the available data, and second it is not always necessary to immediately invest in hardware and software. The complete development of the solution is divided into short sprints. We deliver a part of the solution every two weeks. By doing this we not only add immediate usable value on a regular basis, but the risks are also very low, because we can adjust the plans at any time.

For our Data Science and Data Mining projects we use the international CRISP-DM method.

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