15 June 2016

Big Data Services

Data volumes, data variety and the speed of data are only increasing. By integrating this data and making it accessible in a big data platform, organisations are provided in good time with as much relevant and valuable information as possible. 

A big data platform is characterised by the following features:

  • It supports diverse types of data and use cases
  • It is horizontally scalable, in both storage and in computing power
  • It is flexible; components can be easily added or removed.

The Big Data Services provided by Anchormen covers a wide range, from advising on the infrastructure and the hosting of the big data platform and actually setting it up, to integrating sources and developing data-driven applications. An Advanced Analytics Platform is ideal, for instance to process data in real time, conduct analyses and make predictions in areas such as maintenance, recommendations and optimisations. But we don’t stop there. We place great value in investing our acquired experience with the customer in the form of training. For a worry-free big data platform, we offer 24/7 support.

More information on the different components of Anchormen’s Big Data services:

Grow Live approachGROWLIVE-ICON-512-512-tekst

At Anchormen we like to build a relationship of trust with our customers, so we always start our projects small. Using our Grow Live approach we grow along with the process of our customers. Anchormen provides a variety of services such as business innovation consultancy, data science, data architecture, engineering and training and support. We like to work as a team within our customer’s organisation. This enables us to not only adapt quickly, but we also get fast results.

By using workshops and a proof of concept we provide insight into the possibilities of our solutions. Only then do we start the development, and because we host data in the cloud the development initially almost never requires a big investment in hardware and software. We also plan bi-weekly, where we repeatedly deliver parts of the project. This enables us to avoid having one big delivery period at the end of the process. These smaller delivery periods enable plans to be adjusted and we can therefore lower risks.

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Want to know more about (big) data platforms and what these platforms can do for your organisation? Please contact us. We would enjoy the opportunity to tell you about the options, free of charge.