16 November 2016

Data Science and A.I. Competence Center

High quality, fast ‘time to market’

Are you looking for flexible development capacity and do you want to trust on extensive expertise and experience of experts? Then the Data Science and A.I. Competence Center of Anchormen is the right solution for your ambitions.

The Competence Center is suitable for big and small projects, especially in the area of product development. But also to solve short or long capacity issues. The Competence Center has all expertise available to bring very complex projects to a successful end.

Big Data platforms, software and specific tooling are crucial for the end result. We have ambitious experts and specialists in almost every possible area: information analysis, design, building, integration, testing, migration, maintenance and support. Our extensive knowledge and expertise of Big Data Engineering, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is what distinguishes us from others

Scale size: flexible development capacity

Because of our size we are capable to fullfil your changing needs in development capacity and expertise. You can always increase or decrease your capacity at short notice without hassle. Working with the Data Science and A.I. Comptence Center of Anchormen means you are extremely flexible based on the lifecycle of your products and/or projects.

Discover the advantages of flexible or permanent development capacity!

Want to know more?

Want to know more about the Competence Center and what this can do for your organisation? Please contact us. We would enjoy the opportunity to tell you about the options, free of charge.