2 June 2016

High Potential Program

hpprogramrobotandladyFinding experienced senior big data engineers, data scientists and A.I. experts in the market is not easy. Anchormen has experience in placing and supervising these professionals with clients. We offer a more sustainable and high quality valuable solution for companies looking for such experts. Because most companies don’t have experience yet with big data engineers, data scientists and A.I. experts, it is difficult for them to select the appropriate job profiles, let alone check the quality of the work.

In the program, we conclude a one-year contract with graduates from IT-related courses. During this year the graduates work as a trainee four days a week at our client and one day a week at our office in Amsterdam, Baarn or Groningen. There they will follow various technical trainings. Our senior big data engineers, data scientists and A.I. experts guide the trainees and assess the client work delivered. The practical experience of our seniors is significant to grow high potential talent in real-world big data challenges. After one year the high potential talents are highly skilled and have the opportunity to be employed by the client.

Download the brochures of the Big Data Engineering program and Data Science & A.I. program with a detailed overview of the content of the programs:









In short:

  • The 1-year long program is an agreement between Anchormen and the client. This means 1680 hours per year.
  • A fixed training day will take place 1 day every week at the Anchormen office in Amsterdam, Baarn or Groningen.
  • Suitable employees of the client may also participate in the training program at a reasonable fee, or follow seperate modules.
  • Quality Assurance checks on the work conducted by Anchormen’s senior experts, is included.
  • After 1 year it will be possible to hire the candidate without having to pay a compensation fee.

Want to know more?

Want to know more about the High Potential Program and what it can do for your organisation? Then contact us. We will be happy to tell you more!