23 September 2015


The services offered by Anchormen are divided into three different propositions. Consumer 360° is focused on B2C businesses and 24/7 Business addresses the issues that arise in B2B businesses. The third proposition, Search, Match and Find, involves everything to do with searching, finding and matching data.

Consumer 360˚

This solution enables B2C businesses to effortlessly create a 360° customer image. It is all about accessing data sources. We bring data from the different sources together so that information can be extracted and made available at the right time and in the correct format using the right channel. Enabling organisations to make the right decisions at the right time. Connect and communicate in a relevant way based on trust and personal interest. That’s what we think it’s about.

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24/7 Business

Offers B2B businesses continuity and security based on current procedural insights. This is what our 24/7 business solution stands for. By using relevant data, businesses are provided with answers to different questions so that direct action can be taken. An absolute must in the age of the Internet of Things where more and more machines are ‘talking’ to each other.

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Search, Match and Find

For businesses that deal with large amounts of data, the ability to search that data is extremely important. Think of companies that deal with complicated procurement processes such as wholesalers with many suppliers. But is a good search function the answer? For Anchormen, finding and matching all the data is just as important, and we therefore created the Search, Match and Find solution.

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