23 September 2015

24/7 Business

Prevent risks

Offer B2B businesses continuity and security based on current procedural insights. That is what our 24/7 Business solution is for. By using relevant data, businesses are provided with answers to different questions so that direct action can be taken. An absolute must in the age of the internet of things where more and more machines are ‘talking’ to each other.

The quantity of data within companies is only increasing. It is not only the volume of logistical and financial data for example that is rising, but machines in companies are also now providing a large amount of data traffic. This not only affects data volume, but also involves the diversity and velocity of data. It is extremely desirable to collect all this machine data and make it usable.

Mitigate risks using real time insight

By collecting machine data and making it usable, risks can be reduced, opportunities brought to the fore, or costs and margins optimised. Complex events (multiple data sources that produce a series of isolated events that are all still connected) can lead to dangerous situations or downtime due to overdue maintenance. A real-time and batch analysis of all this data is needed to create data-driven processes that can always make decisions based on all the available data and intelligence.

Components of a 24/7 business scenario, include:

Grow Live approachGROWLIVE-ICON-512-512-tekst

At Anchormen we like to build a relationship of trust with our customers, so we always start our projects small. Using our Grow Live approach we grow along with the process of our customers. Anchormen provides a variety of services such as business innovation consultancy, data science, data architecture, engineering and training and support. We like to work as a team within our customer’s organisation. This enables us to not only adapt quickly, but we also get fast results.

By using workshops and a proof of concept we provide insight into the possibilities of our solutions. Only then do we start the development, and because we host data in the cloud the development initially almost never requires a big investment in hardware and software. We also plan bi-weekly, where we repeatedly deliver parts of the project. This enables us to avoid having one big delivery period at the end of the process. These smaller delivery periods enable plans to be adjusted and we can therefore lower risks.

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