23 September 2015

Consumer 360°

The right presence

This solution enables B2C businesses to effortlessly create a 360° customer image. It is all about accessing data sources. We bring data from the sources together so that information can be extracted and made available at the right time and in the correct format and using the right channel. Enabling organisations to make the right decisions at the right time. Connect and communicate in a relevant way based on trust and personal interest. That’s what we think it’s about.

Digitalisation is rapidly changing the world and the consumer revolution has been going on for some time. Customers find companies in lots of different ways. Whether they use the phone, visit websites or make use of social channels or apps, consumers approach businesses in the way they are most comfortable.

It is therefore important for companies to be present everywhere, but that is no longer news. It is indeed, even more important to use all the different contact opportunities to connect with the customer. The collection of data that is released from all these contact opportunities and reorganising this data into usable information is just as vital. Anchormen plays a key role in this.

The right decisions at the right time

Anchormen’s Consumer 360° solution takes care of accessing data sources. Data is collected from different sources so that information can be made available at the right moment and in the correct format via the right channel. Businesses are able to use this information to make the right decisions at the right time. That is the goal.

This solution is all about customer data, customer events and customer behaviour. It is primarily suited to B2C businesses, yet B2B businesses can also benefit from Consumer 360°. Think of obtaining insight into customers and prospects. This solution makes customer behaviour comprehensible and actionable for marketing, sales and certainly also operational processes.

Components of a Consumer 360˚ scenario include:

Grow Live approachGROWLIVE-ICON-512-512-tekst

At Anchormen we like to build a relationship of trust with our customers, so we always start our projects small. Using our Grow Live approach we grow along with the process of our customers. Anchormen provides a variety of services such as business innovation consultancy, data science, data architecture, engineering and training and support. We like to work as a team within our customer’s organisation. This enables us to not only adapt quickly, but we also get fast results.

By using workshops and a proof of concept we provide insight into the possibilities of our solutions. Only then do we start the development, and because we host data in the cloud the development initially almost never requires a big investment in hardware and software. We also plan bi-weekly, where we repeatedly deliver parts of the project. This enables us to avoid having one big delivery period at the end of the process. These smaller delivery periods enable plans to be adjusted and we can therefore lower risks.

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Want to know more about Anchormen’s Consumer 360˚ and what this can do for your organisation?  Please contact us. We would enjoy the opportunity to tell you about the options, free of charge.