23 November 2015

Search, Match and Find

Smart Power Search Engine

The amount of data generated by companies is vast, and so too are the number of searches. Think of businesses that deal with complicated procurement processes such as wholesalers with many suppliers. For these and other businesses, the ability to search all product data is extremely important. But is a good search function the answer? We think finding and matching all the data is just as important. Often, extensive intelligence is needed in the search process to be able to use results such as matches in another process. Anchormen therefore developed the Search, Match and Find solution.

A smart search engine and application platform

The challenge of a search, match and find solution lies in creating a (big) data solution capable of making all searchable data usable in an efficient and effective process. To achieve this, Anchormen created a system that is built on two concepts: a smart search engine and a smart data-driven application platform. The smart search engine uses a big data platform for fast and scalable processing of all data into usable searchable data in the system. A structured database is not used for this, a smart search engine based for example on ElasticSearch or SoIR is used instead. Combined with scalable storage and a processing platform based for example on MapR Hadoop makes this an extremely flexible and scalable solution.

In combination with the data platform, Anchormen developed a data-driven (web) application that makes use of the search intelligence. The manual processes are automated in a consistent workflow. This workflow is developed in stages using the Grow Live method and therefore gradually becomes available within the organisation.


Organisations benefit from a number of important advantages when using the Search, Match and Find solution.

  • Organisations have access to a manageable platform that contains all the appropriate data instead of a disorganised collection of separate files in other data sources.
  • A smart search solution in the company capable of quickly finding matches in all the data for a specific question.
  • The search process is optimised with a smart search solution that integrates in the process instead of manual, people-dependent search activities.

Grow Live approachGROWLIVE-ICON-512-512-tekst

At Anchormen we like to build a relationship of trust with our customers, so we always start our projects small. Using our Grow Live approach we grow along with the process of our customers. Anchormen provides a variety of services such as business innovation consultancy, data science, data architecture, engineering and training and support. We like to work as a team within our customer’s organisation. This enables us to not only adapt quickly, but we also get fast results.

By using workshops and a proof of concept we provide insight into the possibilities of our solutions. Only then do we start the development, and because we host data in the cloud the development initially almost never requires a big investment in hardware and software. We also plan bi-weekly, where we repeatedly deliver parts of the project. This enables us to avoid having one big delivery period at the end of the process. These smaller delivery periods enable plans to be adjusted and we can therefore lower risks.

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