25 September 2015


Technology is not a goal, but a tool. The goal is what our customers want to achieve. We look at which technology will provide the best contribution towards achieving that goal. At Anchormen we place great value in research and development. Why? Not necessarily to deploy the latest technologies, but in order to make an informed decision about which technology will provide the best solution for our clients.

Developments are moving rapidly, which is why we are on top of them. This trait gives us a distinctive edge over our competitors. It goes without saying that we are completely at home with enterprise scale software such as Java, Scala, Hadoop, Spark and ElasticSearch. We do, however, use our own distinctive approach. We are always focused on fostering lasting relationships with our customers.

We do the research, our customers reap the benefits. And not only through the general research and knowledge-building that we do, but also through our targeted customer-specific research. We use fast and effective desk research, research spikes and proof-of-concept/proof-of-technology projects to support all the targeted customer-specific technical innovation projects.

We are not out to sell software. We believe in open source, but do not let it blind us. The best solution is always the sum of technology, security, reliability, manageability and costs. The overall business case is more important than the specific costs and requirements of the separate parts. We want to enter into a stable relationship, and be a reliable business partner. To achieve that, everything that we do is focused on helping our clients truly benefit from what we do. Not only during implementation, but also afterwards.