25 November 2015

Text mining and data-driven taxonomy

Text mining is the general term for a broadly applicable data mining technique. We offer scalable text mining solutions that help to process large amounts of text and/or documents faster. Text mining enables documents to be automatically assigned to a category through the creation of a data-driven Taxonomy. Or even by optimising an existing taxonomy. Also, the same taxonomy can be used to retrieve documents containing a particular subject. This enables a website visitor to find what they are searching for much faster. Text mining is also applicable to extract sentiment and experiences on your product and groups through the analysis of a large amount of user ratings. Or, just think of how often specific complaints recur, which are stored in your CRM or call centre software. Text mining can be skilfully combined with other sources such as social media, web scraping, incoming mail and documents.

A number of text mining examples:

  • Automatic recognition of subjects
  • Classification of documents
  • Grouping of similar documents
  • Assignment of key words and subjects
  • Efficient searching of documents and archives
  • Automatic processing of customer feedback
  • Analysing what is being written on Social Media