2 June 2016


As experts in data excellence, we deliver services in the fields of big data, data science, artificial intelligence, data architecture, engineering, training and support. We devise and implement unique data-driven scenarios that enable businesses to perform faster and more effectively.  Specifically, we ensure that data is accessible so that it can be combined with other data. We then extract any usable information so that appropriate decisions can be made.

Big Data Infrastructures

Data volumes, data variety and the speed of data are all increasing. By integrating and accessing this data, organisations are equipped with as much relevant and valuable information as possible.

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Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

By investigating structured and unstructured data, (prediction) models can be created, which recognise and explore the underlying patterns. This is Data Science: the creation of valuable new insights. But this is just the beginning. These valuable insights must be implemented in a real-time production environment. The Anchormen Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) team is specialised in implementing algorithms in real-time production environments in collaboration with the Anchormen engineering team.

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Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Competence Center

Are you looking for flexible development capacity and do you want to trust on extensive expertise and experience of experts? Then the Data Science and A.I. Competence Center of Anchormen is the right solution for your ambitions. The Competence Center is suitable for big and small projects, especially in the area of product development. But also to solve short or long capacity issues. We have all expertise available to bring very complex projects to a successful end.

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High Potential Program

Finding experienced Big Data engineers, Data Scientists and A.I. experts in the market is not easy. Let Anchormen assist you by placing and supervising these professionals in your own organisation.

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